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Web Committee Content Guidelines


The goal of the Web Committee is to promote the methods and aims of the IWW to workers via online communications. This committee is specific to outward-directed materials and is not responsible for internal discussions.


  • The online material is considered to be introductory material and no familiarity with the IWW is to be assumed.
  • All IWW specific language must be explained in text, with the exception of “wobbly” or “wob” which may be omitted is space is an issue.
  • Labour terms which are commonly used in mainstream media reporting may be used without explanation, unless they have a use within the IWW which is atypical.
  • If it is not appropriate to explain in-text, the author may link to another document on the site or another site where an explanation is provided in an accessible way.
  • Materials produced and distributed by the committee are ideally written no higher than a grade 12 reading level. They should be submitted in a form which is ready to publish, with appropriate attention having been payed to grammar, style and spelling.


  • Members are encourage to follow and read online materials and comment either to the committee or to the branch as a whole in the event that anything is found to be inappropriate.
  • The Chair is responsible for ensuring this guide is followed. In the event there is a disagreement regarding the appropriateness of materials, either,
    • Materials published which to not adhere,
    • Materials submitted which are refused
  • members should first address the concern to the individual who made the decision, or to the chair of the committee. If no resolution can be reached, the relevant pages should be posted to the GMB mailing list with an explanation. If no resolution by the date of the following GM meeting, it may be brought up to the branch where the committee’s decision may be upheld or altered by democratic process of the branch.

Social media

  • Third party materials which are linked to from Twitter, Facebook or other social media need not adhere to these guidelines, provided it is made clear on the profile or elsewhere for the service that the views expressed are those of individuals, and not of the branch or union.
  • Short posts on social media do not need to strictly adhere to rules if there are limitations imposed by the technology which make it impractical, i.e. character limits on posts.
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